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Hello! we are, Inter-lege Professionals

Inter-lege professionals is a budding legal organisation desires to establish its base and known as the one that can set a benchmark when it comes to legal compliance. We aim at incorporating a true spirit of good governance among citizens of India.


From incorporating a company to run it effectively onto the path of applicable legal framework, we will provide our client all desired support on legal issues and penal provisions. With a separate block dedicate to learning centre, our clients or budding entrepreneurs can get to know all about forthcoming provisions, acts and rules as well get themselves updated.


With Inter-lege professionals at the helm of your legal front, you are not required to get worried about legal implications, show causes notices, drafting of resolutions/deeds/contracts, filing of return, compliance of companies act, labour laws, sebi regulations and all the applicable laws onto your organization. In order to establish a strong connect and commitment level, we have in our organisation a compliance program that we use to comply all and every applicable provision so that you can do your business in peace. In order to establish this organization as true blue legal organisation…

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Our Mission

As we profoundly claim this at every stage that, this organisation is set up with the view to solve all legal problems corporate and individuals face every now and then. Being true to our name, "INTER-LEGE" which means "Within the Law", we desired to achieve all the legal goals and go beyond the true letter and spirit of the law.

Our mission is to establish a good governance environment not just in corporate but also within the individuals. So that, we can stand tall and proudly say that yes in our country things are complied within the law. Being a legal organisation, we desires to stay true and keep the information confidential at all sort of cost. Behind us, there is a mixed blend of young and experienced talented professionals that have the same goal and desires like us.


In 2016, we launched specialized services for families to help them with a wide range of legal and regulatory issues.
Now you can easily create a Will or avail a wide-range of services required to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape as a family, with ease.

Helping ALL Businesses

We help Solving all Legal Issues...

At Interlege Professionals, we want to take leverage of our corporate indentity for helping the the firms established at small level
across all parts of India. We believe that we cannot achieve our goal of good corporate governance by work alone, so we ask every
individual Company Secretary practicing in India to come and partner with us. We together can change the face of legal work ethics
and help our country businesses in achieving newer heights rather than worrying about legal issues. So, come and connect with
us in this initiative of being corporate spearheads.

Our Attorney

CS Anoop Kumar Jain

C.O. Founder

Inter-lege professionals is not
just an opportunity for the
start-up on legal front but
also a platform through which
we desires to establish
a good governance environment.

CA Arun Setia​

C.O. Founder

Help yourself and get the
advantageof new age legal consu
-ltancy with Inter-lege profess-
ionals pvt. Ltd. With inter-lege
professional at the helm of your
legal work you need not to worry.

Our Values

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